Wednesday, November 07, 2007

TRETC Keynote - ESL with Lance Rougeux

Lance Rougeux from Discovery Educator Network delivered the keynote, having us consider our "ESL" students - our kids who speak txt lingo. He provided a translation site, so that we can convert the language we use to a language that kids use more frequently. Emoticons are the new "Rorshach" test. These collections of punctuation marks, letters, and other keyboard strokes have meaning for the group that assigns meaning to it.
He also told us that learning the second language is mandatory. The icing on the cake was his IEP he had developed for us to follow - great resources as starting points for learning the language - walking a mile in their shoes, so to speak.
New to me: Moonk (similar to Animoto, other sites) - a tool that allows posting of images, video, and audio and automatically converts them to Flash format.
Link to Lance's take on the session (Boy, he's fast!)

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